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Savanna Lee Atianna

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“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” ― H.L. Mencken, Prejudices: First Series

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Captain of The Revenge. 2)

“From this day forward cousin…you are not just my commander…you are my Lady Warlord and commander… Warlord and Commander of the Duirt Fleet…* Nimble fingers braided the hair till it was in what looked like a “war braid” plaited into a “crown like” circle on her head with a single small braid hanging down the side of her face. “As my warlord…you can cuss as much as you wish and still carry the title of lady and not hate it” - Lady Storm Atianna


Personality Moody, inappropriate, complicated, vicious at times and unfearing of the majority of things; Savanna was raised on ships, she has poor social graces if any at all exist but this is slowly being tempered by her cousin Storm's touch. She swears like a sailor, fights with a borderline personality shift. Remains loyal to the house but is more loyal to Storm Atianna. She's prone to moments of melancholy, when she's like that though she's almost more dangerous than before. She hates to feel vulnerable, she hates betrayal, she hates emotional pain and for one so young does everything she can to avoid feeling.

Her pair of hunting cats, rarely seen… but nearly always nearby. Named, Spit and Spot.

Her role in the House as Commander of the Fleet means that she has a dual role, she acts as the head of the fleet and brings concerns from the Captains to the head of the house (her cousin Storm) but she prefers to be in action. She loves to be able to go out onto the sea, chasing down leads and reclaiming goods that have not been paid for. She is hunter, her crew are fearless and becoming renowned for their feats of daring and their “no shit” attitude to their work. Each crewman gets a percentage of the reclaimed goods when it's sold in market after having gone back through the Atianna books. Which keeps their loyalty and ensures their dedication to the fleet and the Captain.

“If you would have fought like a man you wouldn't have to die like a dog.”

Second Description for the Lady Warlord The dress moulded and hugged to every curve accentuating her breasts and hips. The slip of a girl DID have curves it would seem and the dress highlighted it. It was pure black looked to be made of a material that was both form fitting and free flowing at the same time. The gown was floor length but was designed so that it was slit on the side allowing for manoeuvrability. But there were other hidden things here, as she moved, a tiniest of glimpses of a lean tanned thigh with what appeared to be holsters attached to them, for her daggers, one for each thigh, the dress was designed to hide the daggers even with the slit but allow for easy access. Black leather boots that honest to god had Mini knives slotted up the sides designed to look like “buckles” on each boot. The boots were stiletto heeled giving Savanna about two more inches. Not so high that she would lose her balance but high enough to show they were dress boots. Her hair was braided till it was in what looked like a “war braid” plaited into a “crown like” circle on her head with a single small braid hanging down the side of her face. Finally; an exquisite diamond and pearl choker, along with a set of matching bracelet, that had to be worth a fortune. Her lips had a blood red stain on them, perfect sharp lines on the top lip that did the job and softer lines on the bottom. She looked simply stunning, yet absolutely deadly. There's now a new ring on her finger, a solid gold one with emeralds in it and in the centre piece a respectable sized diamond glints.

At Sea - Description Savanna dresses in a dark sea stained frock coat that's slightly too large for her, with the brocade down the front in parallel lines in a salmon pink and brown. Dark shapes are embroidered onto her shoulders, they looked like an octopus on each side and on her fingers are gold filligree rings along with the House Atianna ring. The shirt she wears under the coat pokes out at the ends of her sleeves of her coat with a grubby fabric, on her head is that fucking awful hat, battered and stained from the sea. At her neck the collar of the shirt fabric. Her reddish brown hair is matted slightly and plaited in small strands to go with it. Difficult to brush it with the pearls that were tied into it along with little bits of silver, shells, small gemstones. Her eyes are that shade of sea blue that brings people in close, which suits her fine as that means she can stab them in the guts easier. She habitually has a grim glaring look on her face as she studies the world around her. Her boots that she wore up to her knee's make slight sounds on the cobble stones, at one hip on a belt is her scimitar cutlass, on the other a short sword. And strapped to her legs out of sight were other things. There are times when she still looks very much like the young girl she actually is… then a few moments later, something else catches her eye and she hones in on it like a shark. On her wrist a black and silver set of charms ornamented with signs of the sea is clasped. Starfish, a compass, anchors, sea horses, shells and in particular a white ivory skull and crossbones sit on a black onyx plaque. There's a ring on her finger, a solid gold one with emeralds in it and in the centre piece a respectable sized diamond glints.

”“She wanted to kill me even before we met” -Drona

“I was at every tavern in tha' town tryin t'find us spies, build out this fing w'started. An' every time I said my name, they knew who I was. But the firs' fing they said every time was your name. Like we was two 'alves a th'same fing.” - Savanna on Storm Atianna

“You can always trust the untrustworthy because you can always trust that they will be untrustworthy. Its the trustworthy you can’t trust.” - Unknown.

“I will kill fer ya. I will kill, I will maim, I will take prizes an' I will take anyfin' ya want m'ta take Stormy. Cos y'Stormy. An' s'what w'do.”

“Me, I'm dishonest, and you can always trust a dishonest woman to be dishonest. Honestly, it's the honest ones you have to watch out for.” - Unknown

“So I'll cash my cheques and place my bets and hope I'll always win. Even if I don't I'm fucked because I live a life of sin. But it's alright; I don't give a damn. I don't play your rules I make my own. Tonight, I'll do what I want. Cuz I can”

“I don't think that word - the word pirate - has any real meaning. Or it's something that's had meaning imposed on it.” - Unknown

“Cause I'm not here for your entertainment, no. You don't really want to mess with me tonight. Just stop and take a second, I was fine before you walked into my life. Cause you know it's over, before it began. Keep your drink just give me the money. It's just you and your hand tonight.”

When I grow up, I'm gonna be a fuckin Hurricane.“ Savanna Lee.

“Better stand tall when they're calling you out, don't bend, don't break and don'tchu ever back down.” - Unknown

On other days and special occasions - normally when she's with Storm now - Sav wears clothing cunningly disguised as armour.

Her eyes watch the world, light reddish brown hair that was bleached that way from long days in the sun and her body tanned from the same. A scimitar sits on her hip, comfortably in its sheath. A pair of gold hoops, one in each ear completed the look.

Typical bloody pirates! But not quite, THIS typical sailor is shorter, only about 5ft 4 inches tall, coming in at around 100lbs she could be mistaken for an easy mark, but lots of people have made that mistake and learned to their cost that this little ball of fire catches up with people when they least expect it and smacks them around with things they never knew existed. She is brash, energetic, like a ball of nature all by herself – she joked once that her greatest wish was to be a hurricane. Something that made people laugh at her until they saw the glint in her eyes and then people became rather less jovial, rather more serious and rather more thoughtful. Her clothing is much like you’d expect a pirate/sailor to wear, the occasional linen shirt has graced her form, the type that her mother would approve of but the majority of the nobility would hate.The sort that bares down her midrift. Her barely there waist has another belt on it, that holds pouches of varying sizes and uses, her tight trousers held up by sheer will at times but in reality is held up by a long scarf that she keeps hidden by the thick wide belt that has it’s uses as well. On one shoulder a tattoo sits, a skull fashioned from greys and black with tendrils of smoke coming out of it. Probably a youthful accident, neh?

On her forearm is a ship in full sail. This is the one that you want to watch out for.

She’s not afraid of a fight, she’s been known to walk into a bar straight up to someone who’s wronged her and with a “borrowed” dagger put it calmly at their balls and smile as informed them they were about to lose their right to parenthood, it was just a matter of time. Whether the blade was going to be used or not, it didn’t matter, the intent was clear and it was delivered calmly with a smile.

She’s been known also to punch people, but she never seems to aim for the face or throat. It’s always an alleged body shot.

The last time she did that to someone she punched them full on between the legs , then she calmly asked if anyone else wanted to have a bit of fun, no one answered, so she finished her foe’s drink for him, proclaimed it piss and poured on his face before sauntering off with a casual sway of her hips.

“You can say what you want about me; wanna do what you want to me. But you cannot stop me.” - Savanna Lee All that Glitters is Gold ———————– Family:**

Storm Atianna

Cousin to Storm Atianna,Rasimus Atianna, Vessika Atianna and James Atianna. Daughter to Cyrus Lee Atianna
Figurehead below - Atianna