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Zacchaeus Demha

[ People ]


- Str:14, Cha: 18-

Zacchaeus, or Zac as he prefers to go by, is not what you might call a normal Demha. he isn't one to deal with death, or the undead, or the craziness of the family. One might call him the Black Sheep, if you will. Instead of going into the studies on the dead, he wanted to have fun, play music, and most importantly, chase women. Most of his songs pick fun at his family, as well as several of the other noble houses. Alot of tongue and cheek references, to entertain the commoners without actually offending the nobles. After all, its all in good fun, and the more people laugh, the more money he makes in tips.

When he's not drunk, or singing in a tavern, or entertaining the ladies, he can be found painting. landscapes, portraits, really anything. it was something his father had him take up as a child, mostly to ensure his hands were busy, since books and scrolls bored him. Speaking of his father, He is actually 8th in line of lineage, no where near getting the mantle of the Family, and that's alright with him. After all, you can't play all day, if you've got responsibilities.

The Lute of Destiny


Zac is rarely seen without his lute. It is of masterwork quality, and seems well used by the hands that hold it. The soft plucks and strums creating quite the blend of music from Zac's fingers. his voice helping to energize any song he plays. Granted, he took it up to woo the ladies, but has since found that he is reasonably good at playing for a living. Not the best, but hey, better than most.

The Goblet of Slain Foes


This is Zac's trusty goblet. In truth, its just a goblet fashioned to look a certain way, but what is a goblet without a story behind it. Granted, the story might change each time its told, but its still a mighty fine story. It is what Zac drinks his copious amounts of wine from, because anything else would just be undignified. Why does he drink so much wine? Well, that's a long story. You see, it all started when he began adventuring. he was handsome, even then, and there was this really large woman. a half orc woman. maybe a full orc, he's not sure….What? you've heard this story before? Well, its for his back, ok? Whats wrong with his back? You're just full of questions aren't you. Here, go fill up my Goblet of Slain Foes, and I'll tell you.

Sword of Skulls


A new item seen hanging from Zacc's left hip. Its unknown where he found it, of who gave it to him. But it does certainly befit someone of his House, despite how much he says he rejects such imagery. Maybe, like the goblet, there is a story there….one that several drinks could purchase from him.